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Sondra Tudor Testimonials

We have had the most blessed and fortuitous first-home buying experience in Santa Fe with Sondra—It could not have gone more smoothly and beautifully!

Even in a crazy market, we were able to make a competitive offer through her sage advice and find the home that was perfect for us—beyond what we imagined. We felt secure that Sondra always had our very best interest at heart and she intuitively grasped our needs and what we were looking for. She brings much heart and interpersonal skills and intuition-- as well as tenacity and focus-- to what she does. She’s a true gem! We are over the moon with how our deal went and with how Sondra guided us every step of the way and was so available, persistent, and “on it” with every detail. We consider her to be a blessing in our lives in finding and securing our very first home in Santa Fe—and a friend for life as well! I’d recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking to buy or sell their home!

- Tess Morgan

Sondra, You Rock!

While I was born and raised here in Santa Fe, My husband Max and I have been living in Malibu. He was the President of The Cheesecake Factory. Upon his retirement, we moved back to Santa Fe, a couple of years ago. Recently, our son wanted to purchase a home here in Santa Fe to be near us. Living here, we decided to handle the search and facilitate the purchase. Sondra consistently sent us daily updates on what came available. Never pushing, but always putting stuff in front of us to see. She sent us exactly what we had asked to see. Once we made an offer, her work continued to be meticulous, carefully working on every detail of the buying process, setting up the schedules, and giving us dates and times to make sure we did not miss anything. She coordinated and explained every detail throughout the whole process. At closing, she came with us to the escrow office, ensured all details were checked, and always looked out for our best interests. We would highly recommend her to all family and friends.

- The Ferraros

Consummate Professional



If you are looking for real estate in New Mexico, you should seek out Sondra Tudor-Finch. Not only is she the consummate professional (crosses every T, dots every I, and makes everyone on her team do the same), but she is highly empathetic to the needs and desires of the client. She points out the good and the bad points of the property and allows the client to decide if and how they want to deal with it. You can count on her to put the client first. You Won't go wrong with Sondra. If you are lucky, you just might end up with a new friend. You will definitely end up with a property you enjoy. 

Alexis and Max Byfuglin

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