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$500 Flat -Fee per Transaction,
Phenomenal Support, 
Unrivaled Independence

Elevate Your Real Estate Career with Infinite Possibilities at 7th Level Realty.

About Us

Why 7th Level Realty?
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At 7th Level Realty, our primary focus is on empowering you, the agent/broker, by providing the autonomy to run your business on your own terms. We believe in the freedom of choice, allowing you to tailor your approach to meet the unique needs of your clients, customers and market. Our model is built on the foundation of support, offering you a dedicated team that's always ready to assist, guide, and provide the resources you need to excel.

This supportive environment is designed to foster growth, innovation, and success. With 7th Level Realty, you're part of a community that values your individuality and contributions. We're committed to creating an atmosphere where you can thrive, with the flexibility to innovate and the backing to confidently take on challenges.

Dive into the 7th Level Realty experience, where we're redefining the meaning of support and success in the real estate industry. Elevate your career to unprecedented heights with us, as we work together to achieve remarkable results.

$500 Flat -Fee per Transaction

At 7th Level Realty, we recognize the hard work you invest in securing, winning, and closing deals. This is why we offer a $500 flat-fee, transaction-based model, designed to maximize your earnings, with bonus features included. This approach ensures a significant portion of your income remains yours, providing you with the freedom to reinvest in your business for enhanced growth.

Our philosophy is centered on mutual success. At 7th Level Realty, we thrive together. We are committed to supporting our agents’ and brokers' successes, understanding that your victories lead to collective triumphs.

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Unwavering Support

Agents and Brokers at our company frequently highlight the unparalleled support they receive as the highlight of their experience. The accessibility, expertise, warmth, and comprehensive backing from our managing broker are often cited as key advantages. This ensures you have a reliable expert dedicated to your success, guiding you through the intricate nature of real estate transactions.

Such dedicated assistance is crucial for efficiently concluding deals and enhancing your profitability. The value lies not merely in having access to a broker but in having a broker who is consistently available and eager to assist whenever required. This level of commitment to personalized support significantly impacts our agents' success.

Your Tech Stack

Our approach involves a deep dive into your business to identify the best technological solutions available, ensuring the tools and platforms we recommend are perfectly suited to support and enhance your operations.


This isn't about adopting a one-size-fits-all solution; it's about finding the right technology that aligns with your unique business needs and goals, enabling you to streamline your processes, boost your marketing efforts, and improve client services.

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