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  • Leads

  • Lofty CRM

  • CE's On-Demand 

  • Transaction Coordinating

  • Listing Photos

  • E&O Insurance 

  • Premium SkySlope Account (Documents & Forms)

  • Direct Deposit Commission Delivery


Declining cap structure for commission splits

  • Commission Split: 85/15 in favor of the agent/broker.

  • Transaction Fee: 0.1% of the sale price, capped at $500 per transaction.

  • Technology Fee: $99 per month when billed annually, or $149 per month on a month-to-month basis.

New Agent/Broker Development and Mentorship Program with Principal Broker Will Lambert 


  • Understanding the unique challenges faced by new agents/brokers in the real estate field, 7th Level Realty proudly offers a Development and Mentorship Program, spearheaded by our Principal Broker, Will Lambert. 

  • This initiative is specially crafted for brand new agents/brokers, focusing on delivering comprehensive training, mentorship, and hands-on experience to ensure a strong start in real estate. 

  • The commission split will be 70/30 for the first 1-4 transactions, these will not count towards the cap. Once these are completed, you will move to an 85/15 split, and the cap will begin.

  • Under the direct mentorship of Will Lambert, new agents/brokers will receive personalized guidance and support, laying a solid foundation for a prosperous career in real estate.

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